2022 Women's Flag Tournament

Liz Shaw
Mountain View
Saturday, July 23, 2022
Saturday, July 23, 2022
8:00 AM
Individual Stroke


Date: Saturday, July 13th

Time: 8:00 am Mountain View / 8:00 am Stony Lick

Eligibility - Each player must have an established USGA handicap and must be a current member of the WWGA.


Format - This is an 18-hole individual stroke play tournament on Mountain View or Stony Lick, so each player plays their own ball. Each player has a target number of strokes equal to par plus their course handicap. For example, if your MV course handicap is 32, your target score is 104 (72+32); if your SL course handicap is 32, your target score is 94 (62+32). Your target score will be noted on your scorecard. As you play, once you reach your target score, plant your flag where your ball landed on your last stroke made to reach the target score. Whiffs and all penalty strokes must be included in your gross score for the hole and count against the target score. You may continue to play after planting your flag if you haven't finished the 18 holes. If you haven't reached your target score by the end of the 18 holes, continue play starting on the 1st hole until you reach your target score then plant your flag. If you holed out on your last stroke for your target score, notate that on the flag and plant your flag off the green to get it out of the way for other players. 

Handicaps - Players will receive 100% of their 18-hole course handicap up to 39 strokes. The Stony Lick Tournament is for players who typically play Stony Lick and have a Stony Lick course handicap greater than 30. Players with course handicaps 30 or less will need Tournament Chair approval to play in the Stony Lick Tournament. 

Scores & Postings - All players are required to post their scores into GHIN on the day of the Tournament.  

Scoring the Winners - The player that advances the ball furthest on the course is the winner. Our Golf Pro will use his phone to measure the distance to determine the winners. His determination is final. 

Tie Break - If two or more players are the same distance furthest along the course, those players will have a play-off starting on the 1st hole using par plus their handicap for the hole as a target score. Play will continue each hole (using par for the hole plus their handicap) until one player has planted their flag further than the others. 

PRIZES.  For winning teams, gift cards amounts will be determined based on participation.  There will be optional $5 for closest to the pin on the par 3 holes (3, 9, 11, and 13) - only first ball hit counts, and an optional $5 for a 50/50 drawing. 

Drop Areas - Drop areas may not be used.

Model Local Rule E5 for lost or out of bound balls will be in effect.

Prizes - Winners will receive gift certificates from the Pro Shop. Flighting and prize amounts will be determined based on the number of participants.


This is an individual event. When registering, ignore "team name" and just sign up as team captain. Scroll to the bottom of the email to continue the registration. Click "Register" and you should receive a confirmation email. To drop out of a tournament that you have registered for, please email Ron or Kathi.

Registration for this tournament is currently closed.